Corporation Rose-Art
Rose-Art membership listing advantages related to membership :

s Exhibition involving one, two, three or four artists, or groups

s Painting workshop on the spot

s Improvement workshop

s Symposium "Painting and sculpture"

s Projects for exchange between different organizations in Laval and the surrounding region

s Partnership with Laval libraries
How can I apply for membership ?

s To become Member of Rose-Art, just complete the membership form, join the required documents and send the whole to the address on the cover page. The priority at Rose-Art is to participate regularly at all activities (exhibitions, meetings, cultural activitees at the gallery, etc.)

s A selection committee will evaluate your demands and will advice you of their decision.

s Your demands will have to be mailed before June 1st or November 1st which are the dates of selection.
Documents requested :

s A complete c.v. and your evolution with a photo of the artist.

s 10 photos of your recent art works and those well identified at the back of each photo.

s A press file, if available.

s A check of 15$ for the survey of your file.

s An envelope with complete address and stamps to have your file returned.

s A short description : your reasons that justify becoming a member of Rose-Art.
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Downloading the membership form for printing